State Department suggests that Americans leave Libya.

Well this doesn’t sound good: “The State Department recommended Tuesday that Americans leave Libya immediately and warned U.S. citizens against any travel to the North African country. The department also said that due to security concerns and limited staffing it was only able to offer limited emergency services to U.S. citizens there.” Also, because I know people are wondering:

There was no move yet to evacuate diplomats from the embassy.

There is no polite way to put this, so I won’t even try: this administration has a horrible record when it comes to keeping diplomats alive in Libya. So – under the circumstances, and everything – perhaps State should stand not on the order of their coming but go at once; and then proceed to tell the White House to go pound sand when the White House calls up to complain.  Trust me, the State Department will get a lot more support in Congress than State is perhaps used to if they do that.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: If one dead US Ambassador to Libya killed by administration incompetence is not enough to justify the above response, then precisely how many must die before said response becomes justifiable? Getting some calibration here would be helpful, is all that I’m saying.

7 thoughts on “State Department suggests that Americans leave Libya.”

  1. Wait .. wouldn’t that mean Lurch would have to do something .. competently?

  2. Problem:
    They’re going to be evacuated by Marines. Who require cross-border authority before they can move into the country to do so. Which can only be granted by the President (or someone he temporarily delegates the power to).
    Obama’s record of granting cross-border authority into Libya is no better than his record of keeping ambassadors alive in Libya.

  3. I’m skeptical that the Leftists in the State Department would ever do anything (like leave Libya without orders) that would reflect badly on the Preezy.

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