8 thoughts on “You see this note-writing guy?”

  1. Reminds me of the tracts that some would leave in lieu of tip. They were shaped and colored like dollar bills. Worst evangelizing tactic ever.

    1. LOL, I’ve sat through a sermon where the speaker advocated using that tactic and freely admitted that they did so.

      They apparently had never been a waiter before.

  2. Biggest part of being an ignorant idiot is that most wait staff tip the cooks, bar tenders, bussers and dishwashers. Because it’s a team effort and if you stiff them, don’t expect work to be done at any sense of urgency.

  3. This jerk also doesn’t realize that waitstaff are taxed by the IRS on the presumption that their income is actually 115 percent of their wages. Yes, the IRS taxes servers for the tips it assumes they receive.

  4. Moe, you left off the two most important warnings.
    Do not do business with note-writing guy.
    DO NOT let your children date note-writing guy!
    The former is because, when given a position of power, note-writing-guy will abuse it, and when given a difficult-to-measure responsibility, note-writing-guy will shirk it. You want to be in business with that? Neither do I.
    The latter is because it will save you years of drama as your offspring is gaslit by note-writing-guy and subsequently sticks you with lots and *lots* of drama. (possibly including raising their children)
    Just say “NO!” to note-writing-guy.

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