Ten years at RedState. Wow.

Since streiff is telling his story…  huh.  I don’t know if I really have any.  As near as I can remember, I more or less segued smoothly over from Tacitus to RedState; I commented, then diaried, then got front-page privileges at the former site, and then started doing the same over at RedState.  I do remember getting moderating privileges, though.  Mostly because the trolls all hid for a day and a half after I started chortling in glee, and I think that I ended up having to ban Neil Stevens.

It’s been a fun decade. At least, on the site.  The political situation has had its ups and downs, to put it mildly.  But I work with a bunch of great people, get bemused access to sitting legislators on the federal level, and every so often I get to be a troll* for the side of Good. Not bad for a kid from Jersey.

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*I am so totally a troll.  The worst kind of troll, in fact: one with a badge.

8 thoughts on “Ten years at RedState. Wow.”

  1. Heh. I started reading RedState in, oh, about 2005 or so, and actually signed up to bitch about John McCain when it was evident that he was the establishment’s guy. Not sure when, the current software doesn’t say I don’t think, but I have a ‘request a replacement password’ email in my gmail archives from Feb 07, so it was before then.

    I don’t actually read much there anymore, the last couple of software iterations have decreased my desire, as it’s become more ‘corporate’, and disqus is extremely annoying as a message platform, but I do scan occasionally.

  2. I should be somewhere close to 10 years then…I joined pretty early on. It may have been 2005 for me as well.

    I miss what RedState used to be. I get where it is now and why it was for the best, but it’s kept me away. Well, that and the fact that my work computer, where I am forced to use a dinosaur browser in a dinosaur version, doesn’t get along with Disqus, or RS in general. Sigh.

  3. Wow, I’m pretty sure I started at RedState in July 2004 sometime– I heard about it at DalyThoughts (which I was following for his presidential election coverage) and followed the link over and signed up.
    I still miss the ‘New!’ flag on new comments that hasn’t been around since version 1 of the site.

      1. Yeah, I started off on RedState as my initials: bee.

        I’ve been Finrod elsewhere since 1990, though.

  4. Well done sir! You are one of three people I consider WorthReading on the internet, and am glad RS helped in that. Thanks also for leading to one of the other two. Howard Tayler is the man.

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