Fox News Poll: 57% would tell Obama to go away if they were Democratic candidates.

Man, that’s just cruel.

A new poll that asked voters to put themselves in the shoes of 2014 Democratic candidates found that a majority would not want President Obama to join them on the campaign trail.

According to the Fox News survey released Tuesday, 57 percent of respondents said no to hypothetical appearances with the president, whose job approval rating in the same poll stands at 42 percent. Only 41 percent said they would want Obama to join them on the stump.

By ‘cruel,’ of course, I mean ‘hysterical.’ I’m quite heartened by this: it’s easy to become cynical in this gig, so it’s nice to see that a comfortable majority of the population is so aware of basic reality. To wit, that Barack Obama is an albatross around the neck of the Democratic party, coming into the midterms.

Moe Lane

PS: The rest of the poll is the usual: slight Democratic edge in generic ballot among registered voters, strong Republican edge among committed voters, Democrats are remarkably less enthusiastic about voting, everybody hates Congress. ¬†All of which is compatible with a scenario where, if you’re a Democrat thinking of giving money to the DNC/DCCC this cycle, you might be better off just taking the cash and setting it on fire.

2 thoughts on “Fox News Poll: 57% would tell Obama to go away if they were Democratic candidates.”

  1. Question, Moe.
    Bush was “an albatross” around the GOP in 2006 and 2008.
    Any conceivable way for the Dems to *not* repeat that?
    Obama appears, after all, to be running the (stolen?) Bush playbook … just not very well …

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