Ventura County Dem chair David Atkins screams for Julia Brownley (D) to give back ‘stolen’ money.



The Ventura County Democrats apparently believe that Julia Brownley’s  $235,000+ in salary and investment income, which puts her in that top 4%, is the product of theft

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I felt that the original formatting by the NRCC was, ah, a bit lurid.  But it’s accurate. The fact of it is, even a beginning Congressman’s salary – like Brownley’s – puts them squarely in the top income brackets ($174K  a year is a good deal of money). Add in the investments and Congresswoman Brownley is doing all right for herself.  Does this mean that we should pay Congressmen less? …Maybe?  And maybe not: it’s a tough job with long hours and an infinite number of ways to crack under the strain.

Or maybe you don’t care about that.  That’s fine.  That’s absolutely fine… unless you happen to be the chairman of the Ventura County, California Democratic party.  When you’re that person – like, specifically, David Atkins – then you have to explain why you’re calling your own sitting Congresswoman a dirty thief.  I mean, does David Atkins know something that the rest of us don’t?  And if he does, then why hasn’t he notified the relevant law enforcement agencies?

Or is David Atkins merely a sloppy idiot?

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Ventura County Dem chair David Atkins screams for Julia Brownley (D) to give back ‘stolen’ money.”

  1. I’m perfectly happy with most Congresscritters being labeled as dirty thieves. (Actually, robber would be more accurate.)
    I can’t argue this particular point as anything less than accurate.
    Let me declare that my sitting Congressman, Mike Simpson, is a dirty thief.
    Not because he draws a salary, or has investments, but because he believes the purpose of government is take money from one group, to give to another (preferably one that makes lots of political donations).
    That’s theft. Even if it happens under the auspices of law, and is enforced by the violence of the state.

  2. That used to be called ‘prudent investment’. Saving for the future and all that.

    Now it’s called theft.

    Mr Atkins is not just throwing the j’accuse at one of his sitting Representatives of theft, he’s basically attacking the entire left-plutocracy – the Soroses, the Dimons, the Zuckerbergs and Schmidts – on whom his party depends for its very existence.

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