When it comes to Rand Paul’s skipping the DREAMER/Steve King discussion…

…Come, I will conceal nothing from you.  I would have stood not on the order of my coming but gone at once, too.

Rand Paul: Whoa, Look At The Time. Yeah, I Have A Thing, So I Gotta Go. But Hey, Nice To Meet You. Oh And If You Want To Finish My Fries, Sure, They’re Yours.

Via @AppFlyer, not really news, just something a little amusing for the late morning.

Some will say this is cowardice. I’d say it’s excellent situational awareness. You see if you suddenly find your self at a table with Congressman Steve “illegal aliens are drug dealers with cantaloupe-calves” King and a young woman introduces herself as an illegal alien you want to be anywhere else in the known universe rather than serve as the backdrop for whatever comes next and is splashed across the internet.

Hell, I would have thrown down a smoke bomb, first.  Or maybe set off an EMP pulse.

Video at the link, but I didn’t bother watching past the first forty seconds.  Too busy laughing, in an actually non-nasty manner.  I mean, seriously, I would have booked in Rand Paul’s place, too.  Here’s the GIF:


Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I know. But it’s too good not to link to, frankly.

7 thoughts on “When it comes to Rand Paul’s skipping the DREAMER/Steve King discussion…”

  1. Not a huge Rand Paul fan, but I respect him, and don’t blame him in the slightest here.

  2. I’m reminded of the chemical bombs in Die Hard 3. Once they mix, be somewhere else.

  3. The real beauty is that Rand’s leave-taking is crowding out the scene they tried to create.

  4. The fact of the matter is that Rand Paul has tried to appear to be on both sides of this issue.

    Seriously, there is an easy way for Republicans that have appeared to be pro-amnesty to change stances… They could just say that President Obama’s Administration misled congress on the real conditions at the Southern Border.

  5. Except for the fact that Rand Paul’s leaving has caused even greater scrutiny of this incident.

  6. Usually I side with the Dreamers in their quest for at least some sort of legalization.
    But frankly they’re showing themselves to be a-holes, with their constant demands and outright harassment, especially with the Border situation going on right now.

    1. Agreed. One thing we can all agree on is that our immigration laws are a horrible mess; the problem is that pretty much everyone who wants to change them wants to make them *worse*.

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