On Rick Perry’s absolutely justified attempts to remove convicted drunk driver Rosemary Lehmberg.

Leon Wolf ably noted the utter ridiculousness of a Travis County DA getting Rick Perry indicted after the latter vetoed funding Texas Public Integrity Unit while it was being run by Rosemary Lehmberg, an out-of-control DA who refused to resign even after being convicted for DUI (.23 BAC).  But let me show you a couple of things that will demonstrate how badly this will end for the Texas Democratic party:

There is absolutely no reason for Rick Perry to apologize for trying to get this person out of position of authority. And he won’t. And any politician that tries to make hay on this? …Well, ask ’em when’s the last time they blacked out. Because it’s entirely possible that they’re just luckier than Rosemary Lehmberg.

9 thoughts on “On Rick Perry’s absolutely justified attempts to remove convicted drunk driver Rosemary Lehmberg.”

    1. Sadly, only if enough of the murky middle hear some details about this .. being .. Perry wanted out.
      I’m not gonna hold my breath until the media do their job .. are you?
      p.s. the GOP has a deep bench.

  1. Sadly, it will probably have the intended effect or ending Perry’s future outside of Texas. Regardless of his eventual exoneration, the process is the punishment.

    1. It worked on Tom Delay,and he was eventually cleared of all charges. Fingers crossed Perry doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  2. My position is that Team Perry should position this in contrast to the Democrats constant fearmongering about impeaching Obama. If the Democrats can fundraise off it, why not the GOP?

  3. isn’t it terrible what a criminal thug like Perry will do to a decent hard-working civil servant just doing her job? in the Public Integrity Unit even!

    please, please, let this be Hillary’s answer to Willie Horton. it might win the election for Perry all by itself.

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