John Foust (D-CAND, Virginia-10): yet another Democrat who sneers at stay-at-home parents.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am getting highly sick and tired of elitist snobs like John Foust and their arrogant attempts to trivialize people.

Republicans called Democrat John W. Foust an insensitive sexist after he questioned whether his opponent in the race to succeed Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-Va.), a woman who has been a congressional aide, lobbyist and Justice Department spokeswoman, had “even had a real job.”

Foust, a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors running in Northern Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, was trying to cast himself as more in touch with the needs of working Virginians when he questioned Republican state Del. Barbara J. Comstock’s commitment to creating jobs at a campaign event Thursday evening in Leesburg.

…What the Washington Post didn’t particularly highlight in their article, of course, is that Barbara Comstock left the workforce to raise her kids – and let me be blunt: if you don’t think that being a stay-at-home parent isn’t a ‘real’ job, do the rest of the human race a favor and do not procreate. You will not be successful at being a parent with that attit… hold on, please.


Sorry about that. I just had to investigate the bathroom, clean up the toothpaste, track down the suddenly-empty roll of toilet paper, positively reinforce my youngest kid’s ability to use the potty on his own, check his shorts, check his hands, get his hands washed, and generally keep him alive and smiling. And I have it easy today: the eldest started school today. Crankily. And how was that? …Well, you either already know, so I don’t need to tell you; or you don’t, in which case I don’t think I can tell you. And after this, of course, there’s housecleaning – I only have one kid home today! I can clean faster than he can make messes! – laundry, and of course getting dinner ready. It’s a special day here at Chez Lane, admittedly: we call it ‘Monday.’

This is a job, John Foust. I am happy to do it, but I would appreciate it if Democratic politicians didn’t sneer at people like me in the process. I really and truly would.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Whether John Foust was being particularly misogynistic when he casually insulted Barbara Comstock is probably not something that I should opine on, although God knows it would not be the first time that a Democratic politician has been rude to a woman who dared stand between him, and what he considers his due. But Ann Romney – who was, you might remember, the subject of a similar arrogant sneer – has her own opinion on the subject.

PPS: Danged straight I take insults like this personally.  And, oddly: I only ever hear insults like this come out of the mouths of Democratic politicians.  I wonder why that is…

PPPS: I understand the need to demand an apology from John Foust; but it’s better to keep this man out of Congress.  Barbara Comstock for VA-10.

3 thoughts on “John Foust (D-CAND, Virginia-10): yet another Democrat who sneers at stay-at-home parents.”

  1. Being a stay at home parent is rough… until you teach the kids how to use the blender to mix up a batch of Margaritas. Then it’s heaven… until the kids start thinking “Why share?” 🙂

  2. Democrats don’t believe having kids is important, they’re dependent on indoctrinating the kids of those people who do. Hence their disdain of stay at home parents, it’s something that isn’t important to them.

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