Tweet of the Day, …Andrew Cuomo’s Going To Win His Primary, Right? edition.

Because I’ve been assuming that.


…I do not know what would happen if Andrew Cuomo loses the New York gubernatorial primary to Zephyr Teachout. I do not think that anybody does. And that includes the people blithely assuming that the NY Democratic Establishment would rather get behind Teachout than, say, making a deal with the NY Republican Establishment, which they largely resemble at this point. Or at least resemble more than they do, say, Zephyr Teachout. But that’s low-probability stuff. Cuomo’s got this election in the bag, surely.

If only because the Democratic base never topples any of their masters.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …Andrew Cuomo’s Going To Win His Primary, Right? edition.”

  1. Never say Never. They also forced Lebierman to run as an Indy. They also might boot Rahm in the Chicago election

    1. Lieberman was never one of their masters though. Cuomo is not Lieberman. He hasn’t sided against the Far Left with any GOPiers on the more important issues of the day. ( Liberman supported the surge at the height of the Anti-War left’s power and influence within the Democratic Party)
      I should also note that Lieberman probably wouldn’t have ever lost his primary if it occurred in 2010 or 2012.

  2. Zephyr Teachout and Bill de Blasio running NY? I would love to see what was left after a few years of that.

    1. I really do think that if Teachout got the nomination some of the guys in the back room of the NYS Democratic party would go have a sit-down with some of the guys in the back room of the NYS Republican party, and by the end of that sit-down an understanding would have been reached on this matter.

      1. If she gets the Democrat nomination, she will have the Liberal nomination while any Republican acceptable to the Democrat bosses would not get the Conservative nomination.

        Could be fun.

        1. Rob Astorino already has the nomination of both parties in the bag. The NY GOP establishment seems to recognize he’s their best hope. Conservatives can appreciate that he’s been trying to win converts in some of the most anti-conservative parts of NY.

          I think if Teachout gets the nomination we’re looking at the best showing statewide of any Republican since 98 ( when Pataki got like 55%)

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