The Democratic Party’s War on Women rhetoric doesn’t seem to be working.


The article doesn’t disappoint, either.

An important bellwether is the question of which party voters would prefer to control Congress, and it has long been the case that men prefer a Republican Congress and women favor a Democratic Congress.

But the poll conducted Sept. 3-7 found that women’s Democratic preference had shrunk to a 47%-40% margin — down from 51% -37% a month earlier. The swing was especially sharp among white women, who gave Democrats a 4 point edge in August; in the new poll, Republicans enjoyed 48%-40% advantage.

Let me translate/explain that: this poll is one of registered voters.  Which means that among likely voters the numbers are going to be somewhere between D+7 to R+8; and if the Democrats want to avoid a rout across the board they have to… I guess just flat-out reverse that 12 point slide among white women. Or come up with a reason to get minority women to the polls, in numbers equal to their 2012 showing – and at least fight to parity among white women.  No, I don’t know how the heck they’re supposed to do that, either.  I suspect that neither do the Democrats.

Hey, at least now we know why the Democrats freaked out when Republicans started talking about making birth control pills available over the counter!  That just smacks one of the Democrats’ load-bearing messages…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Expect that the Democrats will double down on ‘War on Women’ rhetoric, in much the same way that doctors will up the voltage on a defibrillator when the first use of it doesn’t work*. And with much the same sense of alarm, shading into panic.

*I do not actually know if they do that, or whether that’s just television medicine.

4 thoughts on “The Democratic Party’s War on Women rhetoric doesn’t seem to be working.”

  1. You know considering this, the last article, the Isis thing, I’m starting to wonder if maybe Karma isn’t beginning to kick in for all the crap they pulled during the Bush years.

    1. You say “karma”, I say “CIA” …
      Okay, not *me* personally, but ..
      Look, just never mind. Forget I was ever here.

  2. Defibrillators are energy-limited, not voltage-limited. You measure the shot in joules. Sadly for the analogy, adults get a full shock each time, but for kids, the analogy still works, because we start low and move up for second and subsequent attempts.
    It’s not really with alarm or panic, though. It’s more with a sense of “crud, this isn’t going to work, is it?”, shading into a sense of “so when do we call it?”. That is, disappointment shading into acceptance of defeat. Which actually looks a lot like the current War on Women rhetoric.

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