Mark Pryor (D): Man, we should replace Harry Reid (D) with Chuck Schumer (D)!

Free tip for politicians: stop saying in private what would embarrass you if it was said in public. Because eventually it will be said in public. From an ‘exclusive’ fundraising dinner last month:

During the discussion, an attendee began criticizing [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid [D], telling [Senator Mark] Pryor [D] that the Democratic leader held some responsibility for the low approval rating of Congress.

“Let me just interrupt,” Pryor said, according to an audio recording that was corroborated by an attendee. “I think possibly the best thing that could happen … to this institution, this election cycle would be if [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell gets beat and Harry Reid gets replaced.”

The rest of Pryor’s comment is drowned out by clapping. A spokesperson for the Pryor campaign did not respond to requests to confirm this statement or questions about his opinion on Reid’s leadership role.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have responded, either. Pryor went on to endorse Schumer as a replacement – well, he also mentioned Mark Begich, but I think that you have to be a Senator to be a Senate Majority Leader – offer some advice on which Republican he’d like to lobby to next year once Pryor is abruptly out of office, and bad-mouth a bunch of people that he’s taken money from.  All in all, a stellar performance.  Stellar!

…And that’s why you want to vote for Tom Cotton next month.  Assuming that you live in Arkansas, of course.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

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  1. Sen. Pryor, I’m pretty sure that will happen faster with you not in the Senate, and will happen anyway sometime around early Nov 2016.

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