Quote of the Day, Voter ID Is Winning edition.

Turns out that we can do ‘Long Wars,’ too.

In one month, voters will go to the polls to elect the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate. Will the midterms be clean? Could some elections be stolen? Everyone ostensibly agrees that voters have a right to know that their decision is not being ignored. And a clear majority supports a simple way to make sure: voter ID.

You would not know it if you read only the New York Times or watched only MSNBC, but the Left and President Obama are losing their fight to block the widespread introduction of voter ID cards. In courts of law and the court of public opinion, the issue is gaining traction. With few exceptions, liberal pressure groups have lost lawsuits in state after state, with courts tossing out their faux claims that ID laws are discriminatory, unconstitutional or suppress minority voting.

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6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Voter ID Is Winning edition.”

  1. We lose the white house one more time and their long game will wipe out ALL of ours. The balance of the Supreme Court is the big enchilada of 2016.

    1. The interesting thing there is Ginsberg’s refusal to step aside thus far.
      I know, I know, she loves Italian cooking …

    2. Really? Too bad Roberts and Souter keep siding with the Progs. Nice of them to wipe out Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law.

      The GOPe keeps holding out ‘Conservative Justices’ as the sop for supporting their candidates while the go on their short-sighted, ‘pragmatic’ pursuit of power. And then we get…yeah. Guys who vote with the liberals anyway.

      Let me know when the GOPe actually fulfills its 30 year promise for a Right-Wing court.

  2. A step in the right direction but now it is the responsibility of the poll watchers to ensure that this law is carried out at the polling place.




    Poll Watchers ‘True the Vote’ Thrown Out Of Columbus, Ohio

  3. The gun control fanatics can also testify to the ability of the GOP to successfully win the long game, as well. Concealed carry in all 50 states!

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