The fatally flawed Democratic Senate retention campaign, in crystallized form.

This shouldn’t have worked.

Rachel Maddow’s producer had a question: “Does Cory Gardner even have a campaign headquarters?”

He did, but Colorado Democrats were confounded that they had no idea where it was located, which is why I frequently got asked, “Is there a headquarters?” and “Have you been there?” Yes and yes.

Here’s the scoop: Gardner’s campaign was located across the hall from the Colorado Republican Party headquarters in the Denver Tech Center, making it easy for operatives in both groups to run back and forth. The only sign outside Gardner’s office was the one left by the previous tenant, which read, “Building Maintenance Company.” The campaign decided to keep it.

At all.  A minor thing, to be sure – but symbolic of a political organization that could never get a grip on the situation, control of the battlefield, or generally exploit the conditions under which it operated. Udall’s people made a lot of mistakes like this in this election, probably because they never really thought that they’d lose the election.  I would be more contemptuous of that attitude, if only I thought that it is a delusion that’s strictly limited to Democratic campaigns…


Moe Lane

PS: If I thought that the trick would work again I wouldn’t mention it. But it’s out now; and a competent opposition campaign could make hay of it.