Dude, where’s my polar vortex?

It’s 71 degrees here in Maryland.  I was under the impression that snow would not be out of the question.  Not that I mind: show my school district a picture of a snowflake and they do early dismissal…

9 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my polar vortex?”

  1. I took a near miss here in southern Michigan. Its all to the north and west of me (and also to the south, oddly). The propane tank takes about $900 to fill and is hovering around 30%, so I’m pretty happy about the miss.

    1. I woke up this morning to a temp of 5. The wind has only strengthened.
      I’m very glad I spent most of Monday winterizing the goat shed and chicken coop. With luck, I won’t have lost any.

  2. good place to mention the “climate change” agreement Dear Leader has unilaterally agreed to with China whereby we pledge to stifle our economy and energy production while they graciously think about beginning to do the same starting in 2030. at which time they laugh at us and say “make me.”

    1. that is: we agree to do so NOW, while they say they will think about starting to do so in 2030.

      this is kind of like calling reductions in the rate of growth “cuts”

      the only words I can think of to describe Obama would make Moe ban me from his blog.

  3. I’m told it’s 3 deg. back home in Colorado. It’s a balmy 87 degrees here in Singapore. Back home, they don’t even think about closing schools until the amount of snow is measured in feet….

    1. Yep. Here in Denver, the high today is expected to be 5. (For our metric friends, I think that translates to 258 K or about -1493 C.) We’re not supposed to get above freezing until Friday.

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