6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I Wonder How Begich Will Vote On #Keystone Now edition.”

  1. And on another Alaskan front: the newly elected governor is an independent endorsed by Sarah Palin. Another demonstration of Palin putting the individual over the party.

    1. While I am not fond of her choice, or reasons for it, I do think we conservatives have lost much, in leverage and respect from by choosing party over individual in the past.

  2. It’ a darned good question.
    But unless the Dems pony up a really choice gig, I’m pretty sure he’ll vote in favor.
    If he wants to stay in Alaska, he needs to play nice if he wants a sinecure of any sort.
    If he wants to be a lobbyist, his best shot is with the support of gas and oil producers and refiners.

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