And now we are at 53.

The AP called it: “Republican Dan Sullivan bested Democratic incumbent Mark Begich in Alaska’s Senate race, picking up an eighth seat for the GOP in the 2014 midterm elections, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.”  You knew this a week ago, because you were reading AOSHQDD; but the AP waited until the trends in the absentee ballots were clear.  Mark Begich is not conceding, of course, but he will start finding that people are already starting to think of him in terms of former Senator Begich.  And so it goes.

My congratulations to Senator-elect Dan Sullivan.

Moe Lane

PS: The Governor’s race remains too close to call.  Realistically, however, incumbent Governor Sean Parnell has to be considered the underdog in that one.  Ironically, his current position is not entirely unlike Begich’s in 2008…

New Dan Sullivan ad gleefully mocks Mark Begich’s pathetic snowmobile prowess. #aksen

Stuff just got real in the Alaska Senate race.

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Alaska: Dan Sullivan wins! …And Dan Sullivan wins!

It’s like the political equivalent of the majestic Alaska salmon reproductive process.

AoSHQ Decision Desk has the results in the Alaska Senate race, where former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan won in a fairly-evenly match field of four.  Meanwhile, I am told via Twitter that Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan has also won the primary for Alaska’s Lt. Governorship*.  No word yet whether Dan Sullivan will campaign with Dan Sullivan in the election; it is of course safe to assume that Dan Sullivan endorses Dan Sullivan, and vice versa, although equally of course it is a matter of some friendly debate between Dan Sullivan and Dan Sullivan about whether Dan Sullivan should be given primacy of place, or whether it should be Dan Sullivan.  I suppose that it all depends on whether you think that a federal legislative position trumps a state executive one; if you think the former, obviously then it should be Dan Sullivan.  Otherwise, you’d support Dan Sullivan’s claim.

Look, you’re just going to have to get used to it.  Because Mark Begich is in serious electoral trouble: since Joe Miller won’t do a third-party run, once Miller concedes the election Dan Sullivan will be on track to beat Begich in November.  With or without Dan Sullivan’s help, although Dan Sullivan should be able to count on Dan Sullivan’s support… Continue reading Alaska: Dan Sullivan wins! …And Dan Sullivan wins!