Yeah, back to the video game.

It’s gonna be all immigration, all the time – up to the moment that there’s a riot in Missouri, or a political collapse in Louisiana, or something else. Got nothing really to say…

…but this just showed up in my timeline; and my, but isn’t it interesting.

Based on the polling I wouldn’t imagine that that the Democrats would be all that happy about this.

10 thoughts on “Yeah, back to the video game.”

    1. Well, the big release this week is Atlus’ Pinball/RPG game Rollers of the Realm, so I’m guessing that.

  1. Isn’t he pretty much down to his base. It’ll be pretty hard to actually drop lower unless somebody in his coalition starts peeling away.

    1. You mean like the low-skilled workers who will be undercut by the wave of illegals this will bring in?

      1. You would think, but I would be surprised if it shows up in polling soon (if anybody even decides to do it). It might show up in two years or so, but its hard to say. Theoretically people who will be displaced by amnestied illegals should be against it, but I don’t know how many people that will be.

  2. It occurs to me that the worst outcome for The Won would be a large “Meh” from the right and no news cycle to exploit.

    Latinos will quickly realize that this bit of tacky Kabuki benefits few and they’ve been played to prop up a failed presidency rejected at the polls.

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