State Delegate Joe Morrissey (D, Virginia), accused sex fiend*, …got re-elected.

The Democratic party of Virginia may now hang its head in collective shame.  Well, they’d insist that we’d have to; so what goes around, comes around. “According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, [Joe] Morrissey won 42% of the vote, with opponent Kevin Sullivan trailing behind with just 33%.”  Sullivan, by the way, was also a Democrat, which suggests that the voters at Virginia’s 74th district really wanted to be represented by a guy who did a plea about schtupping his seventeen year old intern…

…and maybe impregnating her as well.  At least, that’s what yesterday’s search warrant suggested:

A document submitted in court by Joe Morrissey and his team of attorneys appears to be intentionally forged, according to a copy of the search warrant used by Henrico County investigators to raid the former delegate’s law office on Monday night.

Morrissey, who was convicted for charges relating to his relationship with a 17-year-old employee, is running as an Independent in Tuesday’s special election for Virginia’s 74th District.

Well, OK, the focus on the story is on the allegedly forged document itself.  But if you think that I’m going to ignore the numerous salacious details in this case you’re out of your mind.  Especially since the fellow is one of those danger-to-himself-and-others gun-grabbers; you know, the kind that make you want to dive to the floor in sheer self-defensive reflex

Moe Lane

PS: I wonder if Governor Terry McAuliffe is tempted to intervene in this case on Delegate-elect Morrissey’s behalf.  Basic Christian decency forces me to say: Governor, that would be… contraindicated.

Contra. Indicated.

*The girl was seventeen and an intern of his. ‘Sex fiend’ is me being mild.

3 thoughts on “State Delegate Joe Morrissey (D, Virginia), accused sex fiend*, …got re-elected.”

  1. the dems have no shame. and tar and feathers is apparently no longer a legal option. were it not for the girl i’d suggest a statewide baby-naming contest, to make sure everyone knows about this insanity….

  2. In some states, “sex fiend” could be translated “statutory rapist”. I reckon Virginia isn’t one of them. If the 17 yo girl was my daughter, the news would be about Morrisey’s body being dredged out of a swamp and the bits that had been blasted away….. What a despicable slimy creep. I guess “Democrat” is just shorthand for that.

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