Come, I will conceal nothing from you…

…this day was what Stephen King called a ‘piss-cutter,’ and for completely different reasons than that stupid SotU. The combination of discovering that my youngest doesn’t have school for the rest of the week (which messes up the schedule) and my wife getting sideswiped on her way home from work means that I’m calling it early* tonight. Music video and then bed for me.

Moe Lane

*The what turned out to be a half-bottle of wine** (drunk out of a McDonald’s Lego Movie Happy Meal cup, for that extra level of decadence) once my wife got home didn’t help.

**Oh, yeah, I remember the days when I had actual alcohol tolerance.  Then I had kids.

4 thoughts on “Come, I will conceal nothing from you…”

  1. Lack of alcohol tolerance isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it means you can spend less money on alcohol for the same effect. Andre the Giant had to drink two quarts of vodka just to get a buzz, the story goes.

  2. Heh, I find that the less I drink, the less I want to drink, no kids involved. Nothing to do with advancing middle age, of course! 😉 Don’t forget to hydrate this morning!

  3. Some good news to cheer you up: George Lucas is whining that Disney discarded the outlines he wrote for the coming Star Wars movies, and wrote their own scripts that ignored his ideas.

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