Tweet of the Day, I Heartily Endorse This Gambit edition.

As much as it can be implemented at this point, of course.

It would be interesting to see how many Democrats would actually vote for Obama’s tax hike.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I Heartily Endorse This Gambit edition.”

  1. I would heartily endorse using Obama’s request as an opportunity to mess with his base. Raise taxes on teh rich? why of course – and then really stick it to hedge fund traders, currency speculators, dot-com billionaires, and media.

    Want free community college? Sure – and then go plunder the endowments of Ivy League schools because hey – you’re hoarding billions and we need that so we’re taking things away from you for the common good.

    Doing this often enough and hitting the parts of his base which aren’t popular anyway might land us in a position where his own supporters will be begging him to please shut up and stop helping.

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