CNN to produce an *avowedly* political game show.

Nice of them to let us know; we might have not have noticed the difference, otherwise*.

CNN is producing a political game show, TVNewser has learned. The blocking and testing of the show is happening this week at CNN’s New York studios.

Insiders tell us the show will be hosted byAnderson Cooper and will air on Presidents’ Day, Feb. 16. If it’s successful, further episodes would go into production.

‘Go into production.’  That’s very cute: it implies that they’re not doing this virtually 24/7 already…

Via Memeorandum

Moe Lane

PS: Hoo, yeah, I’m in a mood.  Low blood sugar.

PPS: You understand that this is how they got MTV, you know.

*Please note: Jake Tapper’s exempt from that snark.  Jake’s an all right guy.

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