On Fox News’ decision to show the IS death cult in action.

Let’s just establish a few things about the fact that Fox News’ decision to show Islamic State’s (IS) ritual human sacrifice of downed Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath Al-Kaseasbeh.

  1. The Fox News link is here.  It does, in fact, show, a graphic ritual human sacrifice done by evil death cultists.  The professional-level quality of the video editing confirms that this was done deliberately, ritually, and as part of a larger plan.
  2. I fully understand that somebody might not want that in their head. I didn’t want it in my head, either.
  3. Demonic death cults – and no, I am not trying to be funny* – do not go away when you put your head under the covers.
  4. Talking Points Memo (I’m singling them out because they were the first ones that came to hand) seems to have a problem with #3: at least, they carefully quoted Malcolm Nance, who is right now desperately trying to argue that when a demonic death cult starts broadcasting their ritual human sacrifices, the best response is to pull up that blanket and hide.
  5. It will shock precisely nobody here to learn that Malcolm Nance notoriously downplayed IS/ISIS/ISIL, back when it was known as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).  Which is to say: the man who told you that these people weren’t really a problem then is the same person who wants you not to look at their metastasized descendants now. But, hey: Mr. Nance gives a good quote, am I right?
  6. The Washington Post has Fox News’ response“After careful consideration, we decided that giving readers of FoxNews.com the option to see for themselves the barbarity of ISIS outweighed legitimate concerns about the graphic nature of the video,” said John Moody, who as Fox News’s executive vice president and executive editor has authority over the Web site. “Online users can choose to view or not view this disturbing content.”
  7. Again: I do not blame any person who doesn’t want to have those images in their head…

…But we cannot pretend that they did not happen. We have returned to the days where evil men walk openly in the sunlight. I wish that we had not, but we have. And pretending that nothing has changed is neither wise, nor safe.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*This is Black Mass territory, folks. I’m not going to get into comparative religion, here – but whatever IS is doing, it’s not theology. Demonology, I might buy – and yes, that feels weird to even write.

8 thoughts on “On Fox News’ decision to show the IS death cult in action.”

  1. …. why do I want to strap Mr. Nance to a barber’s chair, prop his eyeballs open with toothpicks, and make him watch Baghdad Bob for hours on end? Oh, right, because I watched A Clockwork Orange .. and perhaps found a different meaning in it.
    Of course, I’ve also read Kipling’s “Tommy” a time or two, and am familiar both with the Orwell and Sorkin quotes based thereupon.

  2. Where’s the anti-war movement? Oh that’s right – Code Pink is protesting a 90-year-old man. You know – displaying the courage they have always been known for.

    1. Code Pink strikes me as the type of people who’d protest the French and Indian War at Mt. Vernon.

  3. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -Burke

    The buck stops here. -Truman

    Fore! -Barack Hussein Obama

    Sigh. Even Carter woke up eventually. But Frank Marshall Davis taught Obama well.

  4. There is literally no political reason to refuse to recognize ISIS’s evil, unless Mr. Nance is motivated by treason.

    He doesn’t even have to admit he was wrong about the Surge and about Iraq in order to advocate combating ISIS.
    Right now the GOP has been fairly quite about ISIS’s past connection to AQI and the fact that these are essentially the same guys we fought in Iraq 2005-2007 ( give or take a year or so)

    Bush ain’t going around shouting “I Told you so” at Democrats.
    The door is wide open for that party to finally(!) do their country a solid, and they can do so without losing face.

    The fact they aren’t doing so is confirming what many of us have long suspected about the modern day Democratic party’s patriotism or lack thereof.

    1. Treason?

      I think the better explanation is cowardice. If you want to be charitable* you could say that it is mental paralysis brought on by watching his entire world-view being proven wrong.

      *If you want to; me, I’m feeling a little stingy in that department these days.

  5. I’ve seen and heard the Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl deaths. I have friends who saw first hand what went on in Fallujah. I don’t need any reminders about how bad this death cult is. What I need instead is the knowledge that we can and will kill these things wearing human skins until they know they are beaten.

  6. I watched the video in full and honestly thought I was going to pass out at my desk at the end. It was that horrible. Demonic is an apt description of something that defies description.

    If the Holocaust had been televised, would history have given a pass to those who still chose to do nothing about it? Barack Obama really, really needs to mull that question over.

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