An unhappy morning.

Obviously evil acts are and must be the responsibility of their perpetrators. I recommend prayer for the families of the three murdered victims in Chapel Hill… and prayers for the shooter, because I’m sorry but that sad, sorry bastard rather desperately needs some God in his life. I try not to hassle people about their different faiths – in the end, it’s not me who makes the call over who goes where – but I don’t think that the murderer’s life choices exactly ended up working out for him.

3 thoughts on “An unhappy morning.”

  1. Just waiting for the media to try to spin this as a part of Right Wing Christian conspiracy against Islam. Never mind that this is an avowed Atheist leftist.

    1. The media may be more ignoring it but certainly people on Twitter were making their best efforts. One guy was calling this dude a Christian Terrorist even though he’s a super-progressive super-atheist. He was baptized, after all.

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