Tweet of the Day, …Well, Geez edition.

I try not to play the If X agrees with me then I may need to re-evaluate my position game.

So instead I just need to figure out what the heck is causing Ed Schultz to come to the conclusion that we’re probably going to end up killing a lot of IS death cultists.  Who knows?  If it’s environmental, perhaps we can reproduce the effect elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …Well, Geez edition.”

  1. No secret really. Like teenage fangirls, it’s all about “Teh Feelz.” This bit about Christians biting it circulates on the internet, and the liberal guilt starts twinge-ing. Same story in Libya and Kobani, Syria and Kosovo and Bosnia. Principles be D*mned on useful intervention, it’s the “humanitarian tragedy” that needs make it all go away and let them stick their head back in the sand after lobbing a few bombs. Rinse and repeat.

  2. Despite Orwell and ‘1984’ reality always makes demands.* ISIS is real and while others may not be interested in it, ISIS is always interested in others. Reality is compelling and a very hard wall to run into – so to speak.

    *2+2=5 is really great to apply to domestic foes. Right up to the point that an aircraft has to be designed or a foreign power needs to be addressed. Such as: “What if they do not agree to your premises and insist that you agree to their premises? Now what?”

    See: Reality; Wall; Running Into.

  3. Alternative theory: Ed has secretly been a Holy Race War nutjob all along. Hence a bad cause for what might be a correct conclusion.

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