Tweet of the Day, SOMEBODY Just Got A Reality-Mugging edition.

What changed, indeed.

I know, I know: the temptation is strong to point and mock. But think of it this way: spite and aggravation are wonderful motivators. Why not encourage those who are upset about being lied to take it out on WORTHY targets? – And don’t tell me that you can’t convince anybody to do that. This strategy will only work on some, sure. But ‘some’ are all we need. Even if it’s one or two in a hundred… that’s enough. The Democrats have no. Margin. At. All.


4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, SOMEBODY Just Got A Reality-Mugging edition.”

  1. Congrats for the Instapundit link.

    I hope you don’t forget the little people now that you are in the Big Time.

      1. It’s enlighting, hopefully, to some of the many people who saw that and thought “maybe this will shake her liberalism and make her realize what other people are complaining about with the metastatic growth of the Federal government”.

        Nope, that didn’t happen: “I’m still going to vote Democrat,” she said, later, on Twitter.

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