Left mad the Right’s noticed that entire ‘ambivalent about America’ thing Obama does.

There’s a reason why the Right has been laughing over the hysterical (in both senses) reaction by the Left over what were actually some commonplace remarks by Rudy Giuliani.  To wit, we all went Yes, ‘Barack Obama doesn’t love this country the way that you or I do’ sounds about right.

So what?

The perception that Obama dislikes America is nothing new in conservative circles. Radio talk hosts have asked me numerous times – often, in creative ways – if I agree that the president  “hates” America. Since none of us has the ability to bore into the souls of fellow humans and unlock all their hidden motivations, the question is distracting and irrelevant. And as political rhetoric goes it’s needlessly hyperbolic.

But really, is it that outrageous or surprising that so many Americans doubt whether the president “loves” the traditional role the United States has played on the world stage, or whether he “loves” the capitalism that’s defined us for the past 50 or 60 years, or whether he “loves” the Constitutional protections we have for religious freedoms, guns, or free speech?

I mean, it’s Barack Obama’s own darn fault.  Most Lefties who can’t stand America as it currently is are much, much better at hiding their basic disdain; while it may be technically commendable that President Obama is as bad at lying as he is at pretty much everything else, it’s not exactly fair to blame us for noticing.  The man might as well be wearing a signboard that says I AM ALONE IN EVERY CROWD.

But, hey, I guess the Democrats have decided that this beats thinking about how God-awful their 2016 Presidential lineup looks.  After all, in their situation I probably would have engaged in a bit of the old reality-filtering. Come right down to it, in fact, let’s perhaps not talk about 2008…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Shorter Moe Lane: the Left isn’t screaming about this because they think that the charge is unfair. They’re screaming about this because they agree with the charge, but were unpleasantly surprised to see that we picked up on it, too.  …Oops?

4 thoughts on “Left mad the Right’s noticed that entire ‘ambivalent about America’ thing Obama does.”

  1. So, the Left is upset that what they knew all along, now know that we know it too? Hmmmm, funny thing, they’ll really go ballistic when they discover that what we knew all along turns out to be more true than they, or the country, can handle.

    Megyn Kelly’s distress with Giuliani the other night was revealing. The irony of the media’s reaction is how they’re all focused on saying Giuliani cant’/shouldn’t say what he did, but they can’t prove that he was wrong.

  2. It’s just the latest “Have you stopped beating your wife” question for the media to ask Republicans. The lefties know he hates America, that’s why they voted for him twice. 🙂

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