7 thoughts on “DO IT, Al Gore.”

  1. any sufficiently advanced encouragement is indistinguishable from a stiletto between the ribs.

  2. Be careful you’re going to sound like Ace if you say things like that, now that AoS has officially gone punitive on the GoP.

    On that score, Al Gore is a lot ‘better’ candidate for his view than Hillary.

      1. The fact that Congress isn’t very useful at countering the executive doesn’t seem to take with a lot of people.

        I recall how Progressives were outraged that a Democrat controlled Congress was unable to defund the Iraq War – the video of David Obey trying to explain those facts to a pair of the clueless (“We don’t have the votes;” “I don’t have a magic wand in my pocket, do you see one?” and “Filibusters are a rule of the Senate, not the House!”) – is funny.

        1. There’s a difference between “isn’t very good” and “cut a deal to avoid even trying” …
          You can argue the case that grandstanding over an impossible thing is counter-productive, but that doesn’t excuse cutting a deal with Pelosi and Reid to not even *try*.

          1. Indeed. And it’s even worse than that.

            When McConnell uses Reid-tactics he promised not two months ago NEVER to use to keep amendments out of the Senate vote. When Boehner actively allies with the Left to pass the bill.

            This wasn’t a question of not fighting. This was a question of actively selling out their own. Of actively rolling over and fellating Reid and Obama after getting trampled on for 6 years.

            It’s flat out battered wife syndrome. Only this was after winning. So elections have consequences…except when we win.

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