More on that C-SPAN caller thing.

So I have C-SPAN radio on this morning as I’m taking my eldest to his eye exam, and I’m in full, helpless, Dear God These People mode while listening to the call-ins.  You can’t help yourself, you know.  They’re endlessly fascinating, in a horrible sort of way.

This one guy, case in point: self-proclaimed Democrat.  Loudly wants Hillary Clinton (who is 67) not to run, because she’s ‘too old.’  …OK, I have the same complaint.  So the moderator asks this guy who he does like, and first he (genuinely, I think) said ‘Elizabeth Warren.’  …Who is 65.  And then the caller says ‘Bernie Sanders.’  That would be the point where I start fake-yelling at the radio, because I know that it’ll make my kid laugh: “DUDE!  SANDER’S OLDER THAN CLINTON IS!” Which he is (73: and mind, I had to look the exact age up).

Ah, C-SPAN.  Never change. Never, ever change.

2 thoughts on “More on that C-SPAN caller thing.”

  1. Humans rationalize, they are not rational.
    And .. because that’s like a universal thing with your species .. CNN will never change.

    1. Whereas your species is easily distracted by a fluffy thing on a string.

      (BTW – C-SPAN, not CNN; though I agree neither will change.)

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