Right-to-work officially passes in Wisconsin.

This is what democracy looks like: “Overhauling more than a half century of labor law in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker on Monday signed so-called right-to-work legislation banning labor contracts that require private sector workers to pay labor fees.”  …and I don’t think that the rest of the post can live up to its first six words, so I’m just going to stop here. A man’s got to know his limitations.


10 thoughts on “Right-to-work officially passes in Wisconsin.”

      1. “Would you care for a drink?”
        “Um… It’s bubbling.”
        “That’s how you know it’s fresh!”

  1. I see the Establishmentariat are out whining about Walker’s ambivalence on corn subsidies ..
    Means he must be doing something right … I hope.

      1. Eh, I view it as a minor sop to Iowa at best…. and frankly carrying Iowa would be a net good.

        1. Its a sop to all of the Big Corn states, including Indiana ( not that IN really votes on the issue, but some suggested John McCain’s opposition to ethanol cost him IN in 2008)

          And who knows maybe it will help him in Minnesota and Illinois as well ( I know wishful thinking, though MN I think is doable and it certainly has spent enough years voting Democrat)

  2. We leap from victory to victory, and the Ideologues preach DOOOM!…..

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