4 thoughts on “‘Don’t You (Forget About Me).’”

  1. I don’t have to listen to this song in order for it to be stuck in my head. This is about the Breakfast Club remake, isn’t it?

  2. Being a rebel is fun so long as your rebellion does not, you know, actually win.

    If your rebellion wins, then you now become the man. And you are now responsible for all of those fiddling little details. Like garbage pick-up. And the water and sewerage department.

    Or cleaning the gutters on the house each fall and realizing why that is so, so, important.

    I’m 49, I’m Breakfast Club material, and I know that there aren’t any magic elves that will make things work.

  3. When I was in high school back in the early 1980’s I always wanted that special key that would unlock the door to cool clothes and a decent car, and lots of gasoline, and money to spend so I could be out at night with my friends.


    A 1975 Maverick – if not a buddy’s 1973 Caprice. And cash was always short unless you had a job. And if you had a job, then you had no time to spend that money. There was also schoolwork, and then the usual household chores.

    Life in Dearborn, Michigan, was good; but it was no Breakfast Club. Not where I was sitting.

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