‘If’ climate change is a religion?

This is droll:

The critics are right in this regard – if climate change really were a religion, it would be a wretched one, offering guilt, blame and fear but with no recourse to salvation or forgiveness.

…judging from the behavior of its most open adherents?  Climate change is a religion, and this description of it is spot-on. Also: simply calling something scientific does not actually make it so. This is apparently a lesson that the Left has to learn every generation: I wonder what the next generation of them will pick, to replace global warming? – Assuming that they don’t simply embrace eugenics or technocracy again.  Or, worse, Marxism.

H/T Hot Air Headlines.

3 thoughts on “‘If’ climate change is a religion?”

  1. There is plenty of salvation through penance – such as recycling, and buying carbon indulgences, and living small and organically, and only buying locally – all of the ways the princes of climate change have preached, but nearly none have followed.

    1. every authoritarian religion needs popes and cardinals, who live like kings while the masses suffer. let Gore or Steyer live in a cave with dirt for a bed and they might understand better…. but i doubt it.it would just be unfair to them.

  2. “but with no recourse to salvation or forgiveness.”
    I thought mass killings and policies that would push civilization back to the stone age was the penance that needed to be paid (according to the Left).

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