The mistaken normalization of the Castro regime continues.

I do not approve. I simply take no responsibility for┬áthe whole sorry mess: “The State Department is expected to recommend that Cuba be removed from the government’s list of State Sponsors of Terrorism, a U.S. official tells CNN on Tuesday, a notorious designation that has been a stumbling block in the establishment of embassies in both Havana and Washington.” This is all the Obama administration’s mistake*, and I wish them joy of the making of it.

Moe Lane

*Oh, I have no illusions that it wasn’t going to happen eventually; but we could have gotten something for it.

4 thoughts on “The mistaken normalization of the Castro regime continues.”

  1. I’m pretty sure that list will soon become meaningless, what with Iran let off the hook as well. Obama would probably put the USA on that list if hew could get away with it.

  2. But .. we do get something for it .. normalized relations means the dream of closing Gitmo is that much easier!

    1. Well, I’m pretty sure a whole bunch of us are already on it.
      We’ve opposed the almighty god-state in public. The Ministry of Love already has our names.

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