I wonder how much longer the Democrats can keep the primary lid on.

Because this is what a pressure buildup looks like.

  1. Virginia voters overall appear to soften on Clinton, with Jeb Bush beating
    her for the first time in a hypothetical 2016 match-up.
  2. Clinton beats all other potential Republican challengers, but is unable to
    achieve 50% of the vote against any of them.

This represents a contraction of the Democratic frontrunner’s appeal in a single month. ┬áThat’s… not what you hope to see happen, once the candidate has actually started a campaign. It would appear that Hillary Clinton’s appeal may be inversely proportional to her proximity…


5 thoughts on “I wonder how much longer the Democrats can keep the primary lid on.”

  1. the one thing Hillary has going for her is she can’t be worse than Obama…of course, the same thing can probably be said about any human on the planet, and most non-human life-forms, too

  2. i hope SNL will work out on her some more. so many targets so little time….

  3. Follow the money.
    After fleecing the foreign donors, is Hill out dime one by losing?
    Does this, as a way to generate money to live large – or to launch a funding war with OFA, if you want to believe the Clintons as hero power-brokers – makes sense … and *ALL* of her legal problems go bye-bye if she’s “just” a power broker again.
    I continue to wonder whether she’s running or if it’s all a scam…

  4. Clinton should revert to the old Front Porch Campaign. But of course that would remind everyone she lives well off.

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