LIBRE and media bias.

Just a reminder about what media bias looks like. This is the Washington Post’s description of LIBRE, an avowedly conservative/libertarian group that works on outreach to Latinos.

For Republicans, the road to warming the hearts and winning the votes of Latinos may begin at a Las Vegas flea market.

On a recent morning, inside the Eastern Indoor Swapmeet Las Vegas, a group funded by the billionaire Koch brothers helped 250 Latinos — some of them illegal immigrants — pass the Nevada driver’s test.

…LIBRE, of course, is not a Republican group. It does not push for specific candidates.  But the Washington Post apparently doesn’t mind if you think otherwise. It also apparently hopes that you’ll freak out at the term ‘illegal immigrant’ – note that they used that specific term, perhaps precisely in the hopes of infuriating conservatives? – but never mind that right now.  Now here’s how the same article describes Latino Solutions, which is an avowedly liberal-Democratic vendor for the DNC:

“They are making friends and trying to convince you that the Democratic agenda is bad,” said Matt Barreto, co-founder of the research and polling firm Latino Decisions.

And no, I’m not simply insisting that describing Latino Decisions as a Democratic satellite group is merely a case of me wanting a group described in a manner more pleasing to my faction.  On the contrary. If I had that power then I’d almost certainly have made the Washington Post mention that Latino Decisions was a horribly incompetent satellite group whose bad polling may have cost the Democrats several key races.  Just to make it all just a bit more clear.

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5 thoughts on “LIBRE and media bias.”

  1. It gets even better. The WaPo writers bring up Latino Victory Fund ,”which is backed by Democratic activists”. Which activists? With all the attention on LIBRE’s Koch connections, it’s curious they would simply elide over that. Lo and behold, the President previously worked at the OSF and Ford Foundation:
    Other than all that, it’t typical WaPo hackery: simplify the con/GOP position until it is opaque or negative, and explain and clarify Democrat positions until they seem positive.

  2. Mary Jordan and Ed O’Keefe. Remember the names of these hacks-with-bylines, and hold their propaganda up to merciless ridicule whenever you see it.
    Remember – when these clowns bring a red rubber nose, then we bring a rubber chicken.

    1. Is their byline in the WaPo? Then they’re hacks. No need to notice these jesters personally. It only encourages them.

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