Evergreen reminder: Barack Obama campaigned on losing the war in Iraq.

Oh, sure, he called it ‘ending’ the war. But even back in 2011 it was obvious that Barack Obama’s supremely idiotic mistake was going to end up biting us all in sensitive places.  And now apparently we’re all supposed to pretend that everything said during the 2008 election… somehow doesn’t matter.

Well, guess what? It does matter. President Barack Obama made an extremely bad, foolish, arrogant, and above all, stupid decision: and now we all have to cash the check that one incompetent man’s ego wrote. Huzzah.

6 thoughts on “Evergreen reminder: Barack Obama campaigned on losing the war in Iraq.”

  1. Unfortunately, none of that may matter. Perception is reality, so it depends entirely on what the majority perceives…. This does not fill me with hope 🙁

      1. That’s kinda what I was getting at, but not exactly where my thought processes were going at the time. Good way to put it, though (thumbbs up)

  2. Let’s be honest. That was a large part of his appeal. Many on the Left, and Right were tired and bored with the War on Terror. W had made the world safe, and it was easy for many to pretend if we had just never gone into Iraq, none of the bad things would have happened. It was not just Obama, it was a plurality of the Voters. Sigh. A failing of Democracy, the difficulty for most people to see the need to see it through…….

    1. And the Congress, too. Neither political side really cares to execute a war if they believe it is unpopular. So in the end only the Media win, since they seem to determine the unpopularity of any given war since Korea and VietNam.

      1. I would argue that. The Republicans in Congress did yeoman work supporting the War on Terror, well past the point the Press had declared it a “Bad War”. Alas, they got their throats slit by the “Real Republicans(TM)”, and Porkbusters. Gosh, spending had gone up in a time of War! Can’t have that! Besides, the Democrats told us they had learned their lesson, and would be good on spending, and would “Drain the Swamp” (Gosh, remember “Drain the Swamp”? Ah for the days when toe tapping was a national scandal……). But until they were voted out of power, they held the line.

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