New Carly Fiorina ad: “Titles are not Accomplishments.”

Allahpundit calls this ad “brutal,” and it is.

 It’s also a really good argument for keeping Carly Fiorina in the race for a while, polling or no. I have a fondness for candidates who enjoy throwing punches at the opposite party at any excuse or none; I wish to encourage such behavior, in fact. I might even be well-disposed towards having such a pugilist as Ms. Fiorina on the ticket for Vice President.  She’s got good rhythm and the right instincts, at least.

Well.  Early days, yet.  No need to make hasty decisions.

4 thoughts on “New Carly Fiorina ad: “Titles are not Accomplishments.””

  1. At least one of the candidates has the cajones to let the old bat have it with both barrels. Too bad that candidate has to be a female to pull it off. I wish the guys did.

  2. What has she accomplished?

    “Lady parts;
    Vote for Hillary,
    She has,
    Lady parts.
    That’s all you need
    To know.
    Lady parts.”

  3. Color me jaded. I saw stuff like this was all out there during the last presidential election and O. still won. I guess I’m a spurned loser that bought into it on the last election and now just don’t think it really matters. The electorate are just way to ill-informed and don’t generally troll the internet looking for high brow political insight but rather finding the latest cute puppy dog jumping at bubbles in the air video. Seeing that we’ve elected on unqualified president for the most part because he was black, I think we’re on a progressive wave that will elect a woman to office next just purely because it is her due time. But it ain’t going to be a republican and so that eliminates Fiorina right out of the game.

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