Black Democratic Senate candidate futilely complains to DSCC.

I honestly don’t know why Andrea Zopp bothered.

A Democratic Senate candidate in Illinois, upset over the national party endorsing her rival in the primary, is accusing the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee of “total insensitivity” towards “African-American women.”

In a scathing response to the committee, Andrea Zopp, the former leader of the Chicago Urban League, said she was “saddened and shocked” the DSCC would throw its support behind Rep. Tammy Duckworth.

So why did the DSCC pick Duckworth over Zopp? Well, the Democratic party [Zopp’s black] is not going to give [Zopp’s black] precedence to [Zopp’s black] an untried candidate [Zopp’s black] over a sitting [Zopp’s black] Congresswoman, veteran [Zopp’s black] and double amputee [Zopp’s black] like Tammy [Zopp’s black] Duckworth.  Especially [Zopp’s black] since Senator Mark Kirk [Zopp’s black] is going to be [Zopp’s black] a formidable candidate [Zopp’s black]. There is [Zopp’s black] going to be [Zopp’s black] a lot of pressure on [Zopp’s black] the DSCC to flip [Zopp’s black] the Senate, which [Zopp’s black] they’re not actually likely [Zopp’s black] to do; you [Zopp’s black] should expect [Zopp’s black] the DS[Zopp’s black]CC to be a [Zopp’s black] little gun-shy [Zopp’s black] here.

Besides, Andrea Zopp is black. Even in Illinois, getting white Democrats to vote for black people in statewide races can be a hurdle.  Barack Obama managed it via strategic leaking of his opponents’ court records; what has Ms. Zopp got?

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Moe Lane

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  1. Your last sentence is .. possibly more important than you realize.
    Remember where Duckworth got her start .. she’s connected, likely far more connected than [black] Zopp.

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