Andrew Cuomo forced to cave on implementing ammo background checks.

Never give an order that you KNOW will be disobeyed.

The administration of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo agreed on Friday to suspend a plan to require background checks on ammunition sales, putting in doubt part of the gun control law that he considers one of his proudest legacies.

Via @nickconfessore. New York State has been subject to a quiet, but very real, refusal to obey what is blatantly an unconstitutional law (the so-called ‘SAFE Act’). Of the one million guns that that law was supposed to track, roughly 4.5% have been registered – and if I know gun owners at all, they’re the guns that the gun owners in question like the least. The rest have apparently all been lost in tragic canoe accidents, apparently.

And since the cops outside of NYC have largely refused to go out and ensure that those guns really are at the bottom of the river, what Gov. Cuomo is left with here is a state that’s ever so slightly more inclined to ignore him the next time he’s inclined to give an order.  Which is why you should never give an order that you KNOW will be disobeyed, by the way. Legitimacy is a difficult thing to define, but a remarkably easy thing to lose.  And it’s a devil of a thing to reacquire.


Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo forced to cave on implementing ammo background checks.”

  1. Does anybody know enough American history to know when “pass this because it sounds good, even though it will be widely disobeyed” started? Is it one of those “progressive” things? I have the vague impression that the prohibitionists actually BELIEVED.
    Surely Cuomo is not dumb enough to BELIEVE?
    So somewhere in between those, or was it actually before?

    1. It’s remarkably easy to BELIEVE in something you’re willfully ignorant of.
      After all, it’s just slightly easier to make beer than a safe and reliable firearm.

  2. Dear Religious Conservatives,
    *THIS* is what “civil disobedience” looks like.
    Take notes. There will be a quiz.

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