My PJ Lifestyle article on older gamers is up.

Found here. Short version: man, it’s awesome to do pen-and-paper RPGs these days. You totally should.

10 thoughts on “My PJ Lifestyle article on older gamers is up.”

  1. Heh. Yes, it is awesome.

    The really nifty part is, with a laptop with a webcam, and the DM’s phone number .. doing a pen-and-paper RPG doesn’t require everyone to be in the same time zone, let alone the same room.
    Of course, it *is* better when “all in the same room” happens ..

      1. And a smartphone for note-passing…”My half-elf thief picks the paladin’s pocket…”

  2. Fifth Edition is still a travesty. The classes for humans should only be Cleric, Magic User, and Fighting Man. Hobbits should advance as Fighting Men to a maximum of level four.
    It’s almost like I’m too much of an obnoxious cuss for that sort of social activity.
    Recently, I’ve been looking at the Domains at War’s free basic ruleset, and wondering if I could make an entertaining computer program.

    1. Then I am a proud heathen.
      I’ve played my share of Champions, and it just isn’t that good a rule set.

      1. With luck, the legal problems with Villains and Vigilantes 3rd edition will be over soon. I’ve played it in a con, and it was pretty good.

  3. I agree about the latest version of D&D. It cranked my nostalgia knob hard enough that I really want to play it.
    Of course, finding mature people to play with who can all synchronise schedules is the hard part.

  4. i hope to get back into gaming when i occasionally *can* do as i please. sometimes being an adult gets in the way of that. someone mentioned meetup, which appears to be a very good thing. thanks for the inspiration, Moe.

  5. I have Shadowrun and Victoriana on the shelf. Never been able to find a crowd for either one. *sigh*

    Just still not pleased with what D&D has become. Though I’d give Pathfinder a whirl if I could find some folks for that, too.

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