Terry McAuliffe tacitly admits that he is not interested in further elected office.

Because he ain’t gonna be elected Senator with this attitude:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe is rejecting calls from Virginia House Republican leaders for an investigation into how Planned Parenthood clinics handle fetal organs.

Republicans called for an investigation Thursday following an anti-abortion group’s release of a video showing a Planned Parenthood official discussing the disposal of body parts from aborted fetuses. The group said the video proves the organization is breaking federal law against selling human fetal tissue.

McAuliffe felt obligated to say that he felt ‘disturbed’ by the video, but obviously there’s a limit to that, or else he’d be investigating whether Planned Parenthood is harvesting babies in his legal jurisdiction. Which is probably not really a question, is it? …Come to think of it, I don’t think McAuliffe thinks it’s a question, either.  But if he doesn’t investigate, he’ll never actually know.  At least, that’s the tack he could take, if pressed on it, later.

I really, really hope that every pro-lifer in Virginia who voted for Terry McAuliffe over Ken Cuccinelli is thoroughly ashamed of themselves right now.  Because getting Virginia on-board would have been very helpful in fighting baby-harvesting. Ach, well, I don’t have a time machine.

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Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Terry McAuliffe tacitly admits that he is not interested in further elected office.”

  1. I’m pretty sure that while Terry wanted to become governor of Virginia just because hey, governor, his main reason was to help keep the state blue for Hillary in 2016. Investigating PP would probably not help in that regard.

  2. I highly doubt any pro-lifer voted for T-Mac. Note the guy only won about 47% of the vote at most. I’d be more critical of any pro-lifer who voted for Sarvis ( who is also pro-abortion) and I should note that there was at least one prominent conservative/libertarian blogger ( who is pro-life) that voted for and supported the campaign of Sarvis, who had in the past supported Republicans ( and declared throughout the campaign he still liked Cuccinelli).

    That being said T-Mac never really wanted to run for another office after gov. He ran to secure VA for Hillary ( at this point I’m assuming its more for the primary then the General, because T-Mac won’t help Hillary that way) After this he’ll either retire or work for a Hillary White House.

    He’s not going to investigate PP because PP is still donating to Hillary, and PP paid his way to the Governor’s mansion. Anyone who was pro-life knew PP and NARAL would own VA if T-Mac was elected. The man ran as an extreme campaign as Udall, he lucked out that VAGOP didn’t want to win that year.

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