The original ‘Pixels.’

Apparently this is what the big budget movie was based off of.

Two and a half minutes, turned into… OK, I shouldn’t be mean. I haven’t seen the full movie.  Howard Tayler, who has seen it, indicated that it was not actually horrible – as long as you can accept that you are watching a movie where it’d be best if you decide to turn off certain ‘logic circuits’ in your heard before you sit down. Still… I can’t help but think that maybe I already have seen the movie, now that I’ve watched this…

8 thoughts on “The original ‘Pixels.’”

  1. There’s a small but positive chance I’ll go see Ant-man in the next few weeks. Wild horses couldn’t drag me to Pixels.

    MovieBob hate Hate HATED it. I won’t link his review since he uses a lot of NSFW language, but if anyone is interested a search of MovieBob Pixels Review would do the trick.

  2. Rotten Tomatoes shows 59% of 42,000 people gave it a positive review, even if the average score is only 3.3/5.

    1. So, much better than the movies my wife picks out. I shall remember that in a few months time.

      1. I find a combination of the viewers’ average rating and the Box Office Mojo revenue numbers a decent proxy for whether or not I’ll like a movie (assuming a given movie isn’t a genre I dislike or have an actor I dislike, etc).

    1. Adding: I might see it, if it is playing along with something I really want to see at the local drive-in. But I won’t go out of my way just to see it.

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