NBC/Marist: Kelly Ayotte at 50% in New Hampshire Senate race.

That’s a real nice poll result.

…poll here*.  Governor Maggie Hassan is still popular in New Hampshire – although that trendline is interesting – but she’s not going to beat an incumbent with numbers like that, and that is the way of it. If the Democrats lose her as a candidate then Senator Kelly Ayotte will have a smooth glide path for re-election.  Heck, even if the Democrats keep Gov. Hassan as a candidate then with those numbers Senator Ayotte will still have a smooth glide path for re-election.

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PS: So, you’re asking yourself: how do the Democrats flip the Senate if they can’t even flip New Hampshire? That’s real easy to answer: they don’t. At this point, the Democrats need to reassess their goals, in order to put more emphasis on “Don’t lose any Senate seats.” Admittedly, though, this stuff can change fast.

*And before anybody freaks out about the fact that Donald Trump’s leading in NH, please note – as NBC News reluctantly did – that this poll was taken pretty much mid-Trump’s McCain meltdown. 26% prior to Trump’s veteran comments, 14% after = the Trump campaign should please secure all loose items, and prepare for an emergency landing.

6 thoughts on “NBC/Marist: Kelly Ayotte at 50% in New Hampshire Senate race.”

  1. It’s doubtful that it is even possible to lose standing with the base by insulting McCain.
    This goes double in a time when the base is mad as Hell at the Republican party, and McCain had been actively insulting the base.
    I fully expect Trump to *gain* support from the incident.
    Now, I despise Trump every bit as much as I despise Bush and Rubio. But he’s clearly the most entertaining charlatan of the three. If forced to choose between them, Trump wins every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

    1. As I’ve said elsewhere .. McCain and Trump fighting is amusing to me.
      Yes, Trump’s an ass, and his comments regarding McCain are despicable, but .. McCain’s just as much of an ass, and has made comments that are equally despicable .. but applied to *me personally*.
      So .. I’m somewhat amused watching these two older asses crop-dust one another .. as long as they stay *over there* ..

    2. I guess I just have little patience with unserious candidates for president, and anyone who runs for president in the modern era without having held high elective office previously is not a serious candidate.

      1. By that metric, most of the candidates are unserious.
        Which I can’t exactly disagree with, mind you. But I’d have to rank the lack of high elected office as one of the least problematic things about many of them.
        I can’t say I care for Trump.
        OTOH, he’s causing many people I actively loathe to lose their minds.
        Plus, he’s advancing an issue near and dear to my heart, that the Republican party is willing to campaign on, but betrays as soon as they take office.
        Maybe he’ll shake up the beltway enough that our representatives actually start listening to their actual constituents.
        If that doesn’t happen, I’m perfectly willing to bring marshmallows to the conflagration.

  2. Why would the Dems worry about flipping thr senate? Their agenda is being approved under full cover of McConnell.

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