Tweet of the Day, This Is Just Good Advice Generally edition.

I don’t know enough about the lion/dentist thing to really get deep into the weeds with regards to┬áit, but this probably works as a life hack, no matter what your stance is on the topic.

Just plain common sense, that.

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  1. People pay big money to go on big game hunts all the time. Typically, the monstrous fees go to help the surrounding area and the meat is donated to the local villages.

    This doc got screwed by his guides. They claimed they had all the proper licensing and permits. The did not. Then they directed him to a lion that, I believe, was pretty dang off limits.

    Does the dentist/hunter have some responsibility in ensuring that his guides were doing what they were supposed to? Yeah. But he is most assuredly not some evil bastard.

  2. ?
    I’m obviously missing the context, but I think the phrase “other people’s” should have been included.
    After all, you’re going to name the cow that keeps trying to kill you.
    And return the favor.
    Not to mention the need to occasionally put an animal out of its misery.

  3. Perhaps it’s time to mention the cousin who kept a series of steers in the pasture behind his house?
    He said it kept the grass short without mowing and .. every fall, he’d take the steer to the slaughterhouse and fill his deep freeze.
    He named every one .. Angus, Barbiecue (cow that year, for some reason), Chuck, Ribsy..

    1. The cow currently in my freezer was named Dairy Queen. The previous one’s name was Cherry, and the one before that was named Miss Steak. I have pictures of them on my phone, so when Vegan friends tell me ‘if you only knew where your meat came from’…
      Of course, then, if it’s someone I don’t consider a friend instead I’ll send them a link to the set of pictures showing the deer in my freezer from picture on the game cam, on the ground, field dressed, skinned, butchered, turned into sausage.

    2. A friend of mine named his “Whopper”.

      He still has the cow-skin rug that he made out of it.

    3. I raised a couple of steers named “Apple” and “IIc”.
      Does the injunction apply when the animals have names like “Ghost” and “Darkness”?

  4. Animals with names got me thinking.

    Isn’t it a shame Wile E. Coyote is only remembered today for senseless violence instead of his incredibly realistic paintings of tunnels?

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