Tweet of the Day, You Should Start Taking @CarlyFiorina Seriously If You’re Not Already edition.

Where the hell was this Carly Fiorina during the 2010 California Senate race?

Don’t get me wrong: that would have been an uphill battle even with this New, Improved, And Frankly Relentless Carly Fiorina in the race. But damned if it wouldn’t have also been more fun. Seriously, if you’re not taking Carly seriously as a candidate at this point, start. I’m not endorsing her for the primary, but I will be a little upset if she doesn’t have some official role in the new administration…

13 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, You Should Start Taking @CarlyFiorina Seriously If You’re Not Already edition.”

  1. I’ve wondered the same thing (and, as a Californian, wept over it), but as I recall, she’d been diagnosed with cancer late in the campaign, and her step-daughter had killed herself just a few months before. That had to take a toll.

    1. I just checked about her daughter: She had serious problems and died in 2009, but I can’t find any mention of suicide, now.

  2. Not interested. She was a big part of destroying my industry from within the private sector. I have no desire to see her continue that from within government.

        1. cali has been a one-party state for so long, i wonder if the dems still know how to steal elections anymore.

          1. The thing to remember about “Unca Jerry” is that he’s still his father’s son, and thus occasionally still does the right thing. That he is the most sane Democrat in Sacramento is also rather scary.

          This one .. looks like it only serves to push cops further out of “their” communities .. moving them closer to “just another group of thugs”…
          I agree with the idea that police accountability is important, transparency being a key component of accountability, but .. this seems a stupid way to try to increase transparency .. so I conclude that’s not the actual goal…

          1. Authored by my state senator. This wasn’t a bill for transparency; it was a bill in reaction to the grand jury in Ferguson not delivering the “right” result.

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