Jihadi dragged into French courtroom, blindfolded and barefoot.

The French are being merciful.

Seriously, the guy’s still alive and has all his parts. Although I imagine that he’s had an exquisitely unpleasant time the last few days before whatever French counter-terrorism agency has possession threw some clothes on the jihadi and took him to be arraigned. Mind you, the fact that they’re actually charging him means that my earlier assumption that the fellow would go into in a French rendition black site and never, ever come out again is probably incorrect.

Which is just as well. Such places… well. They’re kind of poisoned fruit, really.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Jihadi dragged into French courtroom, blindfolded and barefoot.”

  1. My bet is that he gave up all the information fairly quickly because he was not nearly as badass as he thought beforehand. So they didn’t have to send him to one of those sites.

  2. But should have, if only because the uncertainty about what happened to him would launch dozens of conspiracy theories, each having more deterrent value than any actual punishment could.

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