Tweet of the Day, We Can Call The Darwin Awards Early This Year edition.

As a general rule of thumb, I do not encourage people to click on Gawker links.

You might, however, be forgiven if you were to do so in this case. There’s damn little that we and they can agree upon; but this is, I believe, common ground. I wonder if the guy had time to realize that he had pretty much screwed up about as thoroughly as a jihadi suicide bomber could possibly hope to do…

Jihadi dragged into French courtroom, blindfolded and barefoot.

The French are being merciful.

Seriously, the guy’s still alive and has all his parts. Although I imagine that he’s had an exquisitely unpleasant time the last few days before whatever French counter-terrorism agency has possession threw some clothes on the jihadi and took him to be arraigned. Mind you, the fact that they’re actually charging him means that my earlier assumption that the fellow would go into in a French rendition black site and never, ever come out again is probably incorrect.

Which is just as well. Such places… well. They’re kind of poisoned fruit, really.

Moe Lane

Jihadist in Belgium stopped by off-duty US military.

I’d say that they should make a flick about this, except that it was over so quickly.

A massacre on a high-speed train in Belgium was prevented Friday when two members of the U.S. military in civilian clothing surprised an Islamist militant, authorities said.

The suspect was loading his automatic Kalashnikov rifle in a toilet, apparently preparing to attack, when the service members confronted him, said a European counterterrorism official.

As such things go, it ended well for the jihadi. Which is to say, he didn’t die. A trained American soldier who has been alerted to danger is not a soft target, armed or no. One of the soldiers was injured (three people total). Details beyond that are still a little sketchy, which is suggestive…