The ‘Risen’ trailer.

So apparently somebody in Hollywood stopped dead in his tracks recently and said Hey. Evangelical Christians have money, right? Think they’d go see a gritty flick about a Roman Tribune sent to track down the body of Jesus Christ? Just gotta make sure it’s, you know, respectful and [expletive deleted]*. 

In case you were wondering, this is being made by Affirm Films, which is the box in which Sony Pictures puts all of its Jesus-stuff. So it’s not going to be obnoxiously anti-Christian… in fact, it looks like it won’t be anti-Christian at all. I’ll be honest, here: this trailer is making me think about seeing this, and I don’t really watch religious films. Mind you, I already know how it ends…

Moe Lane

*Hey, I’m pretty sure that this is how Cecil B DeMille operated.

5 thoughts on “The ‘Risen’ trailer.”

  1. “Christian” media invoke the Nerd’s Prayer even more often than comic movies thesecdays.
    Still, in sincerity: “Please Lord, don’t let this one suck.”

  2. I think it was Cal Thomas who said “Hollywood is just the piano player in the whore-house”. None the less, I don’t go to theaters anymore.

  3. Well, the Romans have got the wrong armor and shields for early 1st Century AD…
    Yeah, I’m a wargamer.

  4. I’m having fun picturing the manhunt for Mary Magdalene ending very badly for all those door-kicking Romans. The King of the Angels is rather fond of her, and just ask the Assyrians if it’s a good idea to get the angels after you…

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