Larry Kudlow contemplates running against Richard Blumenthal in CT-SEN.

Interesting: “Conservative economist and media figure Larry Kudlow says he’s talked to national Republicans about running for Senate in Connecticut.” I mean, I don’t know if Larry Kudlow would win. But the mere fact that Senator Richard Blumenthal is generating this kind of anger over his looming vote for the Iran deal is pretty significant on its own. I’m starting to think that the Democrats don’t really realize how little the rest of the country wants to treat the Iran situation as Business As Usual.

:murmuring: Such a pity.


5 thoughts on “Larry Kudlow contemplates running against Richard Blumenthal in CT-SEN.”

  1. Kudlow’s made noise about running before. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Connecticut .. you mean the state where the Dems were crazy enough to nominate Ned Lamont then vote *against* him?
    Yeah .. I’m not sure whether Kudlow needs a donation or to get his head examined …
    p.s. regardless, I hope he runs – the more “safe” seats suddenly become “in play”, the more the Dems will scramble and not help one another…

  3. Blumenthal lied openly and repeatedly about serving withe the Marines in Viet Nam . He is Stolen Valor scum .

    1. And he still won, in a midterm election in which the GOP was nationally doing fairly well, and was competitive in the gubernatorial.
      CT is a lost state.

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