On the Hillary Clinton 1994 Humor Suggestions Memo.

Well, Buzzfeed found a 1994 memo that suggested some japes and jocularity that then-First Lady Hillary Clinton could utter in order to show that, no, really, it’s just fine that they lost the midterms in a dramatic fashion. ┬áNo. Really! Hear her laugh? ┬áJust like a human being, that laugh!

…Yeah, they were pretty bad jokes. Harmless, though – except for the ‘rezoned’ one, which I cannot repeat here. It’s kind of weird: prior to Monica Lewinsky, it would be a real stretch to see that as anything except a real estate joke; afterward, it’s virtually impossible to see it as anything but a sexualized one. Certainly if anybody repeated it today you could probably see the outrage storm from low Earth orbit…

2 thoughts on “On the Hillary Clinton 1994 Humor Suggestions Memo.”

  1. Huh. I’m not the target audience, but those are some horrible, horrible jokes. Might get a laugh out of someone it they were done by an actor, playing her on Saturday Night Live, but told by HRC?

    Is she a decent speaker, and just needs better speechwriters?

  2. Hillary! is just not a good politician. sorta like the east german female olympians… you can tell they were supposed to be female but it’s pretty obvious that they’re not.

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