Running from the California Wildfires: 1:55 of absolute terror.

Via Constant Reader BJM here we see something that is… well. It’s terrifying, despite the fact that nobody visibly got hurt and nobody visibly died. I would personally have been reeking of unapologetic fear-sweat by the end of the first minute:

It is literally like something out of a video game. No, seriously, there’s a place in The Secret World MMO that looks a lot like this. Fun in a game; not so much fun in real life.

3 thoughts on “Running from the California Wildfires: 1:55 of absolute terror.”

  1. Or the escapes in Brutal Legend, Especially the one that had “Through Fire and Flame” as the soundtrack.

  2. God bless fossil fuels and cars that work (and tires that don’t blow, and all the other mechanical things that have to keep going to keep you from igniting in that scenario). Imagine doing that in a plug-in electric car with a near-zero battery.

    1. They were fortunate a tree hadn’t fallen across the road. Although, it looks like the fire has already burned most of the underbrush, so they might be more at risk for smoke inhalation than catching on fire. It’ll kill you, maybe not quite as painfully.

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